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Adult Movies – From the Cinema to the Internet

Movies are some of the most successful ways of indoor and outdoor entertainment of our present times. You can choose from a wide variety of movies, from classic award winners to action blockbusters, from animated movies to horror operas or from documentaries to adult movies. You can either buy a DVD, rent one or spend a night in town at the cinema.

Some of the most controversial type of movies are by far the adult movies. Created in order to fuel our fantasies, the adult movies cover a wide range of sexual preferences. Known also by the name of pornographic movies, stag films or blue movies, the adult movies are motion pictures that give us a close view on sexual intercourse. Other sexual acts are also on the “menu”, and they ar... Click Here to Read More!

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Testers Needed to Review Adult Products and Services

Are you cheekily naughty? Are you opinionated? Frank and to the point? Up for a bit of a giggle?

If you said "Yes" to all of these questions we could be talking to you. SexToyTesters is constantly on the look out for 'Testers' to test and review adult products and services.

All reviews are published on line on the website, providing a mass of information, advice and tips about sex toys, sexy lingerie, adult DVD's and videos, magazines, lubricants and condoms, adult dating websites and much more. So if you want to know how a product or service will perform before you spend any money, check out the online reviews.

During March 2007, SexToyTesters are reviewing PlayNaughty, an online adult dating website. The s... Click Here to Read More!

Animated Films

They always say things were better back when I was a kid. That may be true about some things, but not when it comes to animated films. Before you get all bent out of shape, I love the old animated movies. Bambi and Dumbo are two of my favorites. And even though I do not have children there are a lot of animated films in my DVD collection.

The animated films of today are pleasing to both adults and children. I remember my husband saying you have to watch this movie called Shriek. I told him I was to busy to sit down and watch a kids film. I am glad I did. It was funny and amusing and I thought the second movie was just as clever. In that same vein, we have watched the Incredible’s and Monster, Inc several times as well. Remember w... Click Here to Read More!

Cultural Movies & Cultural Films

Cultural Movies The art of filmmaking has evolved from the commercial cinema to more serious movies that focus on important social subjects. The movies that are generally categorized under this are commonly referred to “Cultural Movies”. These films are meant for effective conveyance of social messages of peace and liberty than simply entertainment. Cultural Movies are generally not given their due amount of importance as compared to the commercial cinema. Global film links is a step to help filmmakers foray into the world of cultural entertainment. Through this venture filmmakers can showcase their films on the website and promote them on global basis. Mistaken identity is an integral part of the cultural movies scenario. It was ... Click Here to Read More!

Rent Family Movies - Edited Movie Rental Clubs

Seeking a great online family movie or family movie review? Family movies sell lots of tickets at the box office and every year there are one or more blockbuster movies that are family films.

With the high price of theater tickets and concessions, viewing movies on DVD as a family movie night in the luxury of your own house, is quickly becoming very creditable.

With online movie rental clubs, there are quite a few family movies available, but only a few actually specialize in providing quality family films.

While other companies produce some family movies, none has come close to the massive library of movies that Disney has disclosed to us.

Walt Disney brought us Steamboat Willie in 1928 starring Mickey Mouse... Click Here to Read More!

Science Fiction Movies

In recent years, science fiction movies have made a big comeback in Hollywood and I, for one, consider that a very good thing.

I like to be surprised when I go to the movies. I like to see things that I've never seen before and I like to be confronted by virtual realities that I did not even think possible. That's why science fiction movies are my cup of tea.

They traditionally cover a wide range of subjects and themes, including several that are uniquely their own. Today's trend in science fiction puts a premium on special effects, backed by today's cutting-edge technology that can make even the most bizarre scenes seem realistic, such as alien life forms, spectacular battles in outer space, time travel or traveling to oth... Click Here to Read More!

This Web Film Series Is Brought To You By Mini USA

All across the United States, you would have noticed that there have been billboards popping out like mushrooms that declare “Hammer & Coop”. Even moviegoers were baffled by the “Hammer & Coop” ads that would immediately come up during ad fixes. However, all people knew were the words “Hammer & Coop” but they have been wondering what those words meant.

Some were asking if this was a new product, perhaps like those Flowmaster units which have been quite useful in cars. Some were thinking that perhaps “Hammer & Coop” was a new movie that would soon hit the theaters.

Well, it looks like Mini USA is behind such teaser ads and they have already unveiled the real score behind the “Hammer & Coop” mystery. This is actua... Click Here to Read More!

Wicked Weasel Bikini

If you are reading an article entitled wicked weasel bikini, you probably don’t need to be told what wicked weasel bikinis are. But just in case you wandered here by accident, here goes: imagine the tiniest, most revealing and sexy bikini you’ve ever seen on the beach, then reduce the amount of material you saw by 25% and that’s a wicked weasel bikini.

To say that wicked weasel bikinis are the next best thing to being on a nude beach is to state the obvious. In fact, some would go so far as to say that these bikinis are better than complete nudity because they give the impression of seeing something you aren’t supposed to be seeing. The makers of these bikinis are very, very smart in their marketing.

Not only do they ma... Click Here to Read More!

Are You Ready To Be Naughty?

If you have a weakness for sweetness; a sex toy is the honey that can help you and your lover discover that being naughty can be very nice. Keeping your passion alive and burning takes a little creativity at times, but that's no problem. When you want your partner to be a little more naughty, sex toys will be sure to get their attention.

Think about your lovers body, what turns you on? Now you are ready to have some fun selecting some great sex toys; a vibrator is the essential sex toy and one of the most versatile too.

Need some ideas? Why not play a love game with your lover that begins with a blindfold? Use your sex toy to build up sexual excitement; see if your lover can tell you what your are using.

Tease your ... Click Here to Read More!

Naughty Costumes - Are You Ready To Be Badly Behaved This Halloween?

Are you normally a person with devilish intentions, or do you have an angelic personality, and want to be perceived as bad at least once this year? If you’re one or the other, this 2006 Halloween season you can easily find your Naughty Costumes quickly online, and be ready to let your wild side take over at your favorite party!

Halloween and parties go hand-in-hand, and to be naughty, you want to find the costume that will fit your personality the best! I will help you by talking about some of the latest costume arrivals for the 2006 Halloween season, plus some of the old classics that have been making adults look exotic, erotic, and sexy for many years.

From Gothic Characters To The Fantasy School Girl! Who Might You Be?<... Click Here to Read More!

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